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Our story is based on another story, a true tale of innovation and endurance.

In 1891, American cities had a problem: dirt roads. The streets of Bellefontaine, Ohio, were a perfect example. Dusty in dry weather and mud-slogged in rain, they could usually get people where they needed to go, but not in a way that was pleasant or clean, and occasionally not at all.

An inventor named George Bartholomew came up with a cement mixture he thought might solve the problem and convinced the city to test it out on one street. This ingenuity not only worked, it lasted, and thus this road - Court Avenue - became the first concrete-paved street in the United States. To this day, it represents one of the industrial and infrastructural successes that catapulted the US into an age of rapid economic growth accelerating well into the 20th century. It is in honor of this strength and innovative spirit that we named our firm Court Avenue Asset Management.

We believe the United States is in the early stages of another boom as it pulls away from economic downturn. Poised for a wave of financial growth, the country will need to substantially invest in our economic infrastructure to capitalize on the opportunity and remain competitive in the global economy. Court Avenue seeks to capitalize on this Reinvest American secular theme by utilizing our extension industry relationships and proven proprietary research methodology.